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Catalogue 20.03.2000
Minor changes in the ReadMe file.
ZIP file's naming is changed to xrbc-V.V.zip

Catalogue 10.03.2000
An abstract is added to the ReadMe file.

Catalogue 21.02.2000
ReadMe file is added to the release.

Article 01.01.2000
Paper titled A Preliminary Version of a Catalog of High- Low-Mass X-ray Binaries is published. Therefore the computer version of the catalogue is released too.

However, bits and pieces are missing in the catalogue: '_nam', '_rem' and '_obs' extensions are still not complete.

Article 22.12.1999
XRBC article is in press now and the web version is released.

The very first web release (XRBC-0.0) is now UNSUPPORTED.
This version is now taken away from the site. Since its internal format was HTML(!) it has no standard data form that can be used in computer programs.

Web site 05.12.1999
Web site for XRBC is revised.

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